Switch Bus Bar

A couple of days ago I made a simple bus bar out of some brass bar stock to act as the common ground for a bay of switches from the control board. I drilled and tapped holes so I can screw down crimp connectors. I plan on doing the same basic thing for the 48v solenoid power and a universal ground. I also installed the switch and wired it to my board.IMG_20161112_134318.jpgIMG_20161112_154856.jpgIMG_20161112_154851.jpg

I made some standoff posts with a 1/4″ delrin rod I picked up. They’re what hold the bus bar off the wood. I’m leaning away from using the Pine64 board that I’ve had ready for a while now. Beside the odd few problems I keep seeing with it, I also need power, keyboard, mouse, and an HDMI monitor just to work on it. For the time being, I’m going to switch to using an old laptop from work.

Since I have a fresh Ubuntu installation on said laptop, I updated to the latest version of Mission Pinball Framework and have streamlined my config file to be able to test my solenoid/switch/flipper combination as soon as I finish the rest of the wiring and mount the coil.



So I was gone for about 10 days in October, nothing much to report. I am back now, though, and believe I have come up with a mount for the solenoids that should work real well. I’ll prototype it out of wood and see how that goes. I can machine it out of steel or aluminum later if need be.

Power and Control

Last night I installed the 48v and the 12/5v power supplies, along with the FastPinball power filter board, Nano Controller, and 3208 I/O board. I found some generic brackets at Lowe’s that fit well enough (since I neglected to order the nice brackets from FAST for some reason). You can also see the underside of where I installed my first flipper mechanism. My next steps are to install the Pine64 SBC that will run this prototype, make some power and bus bars, and come up with a bracket that will support the solenoid and connect to the flipper mechanism. That being said, for the next 11 days I will be on vacation. I’m off to see The Proclaimers in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, then drive up the coast, hit Portland, then come back home and get back to work!



You know those posts that are all around a pinball playfield? They support things, have rubber rings to bump the ball away, etc. I just bought two feet of C360 brass to make some really pretty ones. My table is going to be pimpin’.

Front and back

I cut out the front and back of the box last night. I also cut the playfield to its proper length. Assembly time! Also, I’m reconsidering making the corner joints miter-locked, it may end up more permanent than I plan right now. Yeah probably not. The playfield is 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood and comes in 5×5 foot (cabinet style) sheets. I had them cut it down to 20 inches wide, which gave me two 20×60 inch pieces and one 19 3/4×60 inch piece. Guess which one I’m using first? Yup, the narrower one. And while technically all I have to replace is the front and back, I probably won’t as I’ll damage the sides when I assemble the box.