Idler Started

I started work on the idler for the non-drive side of the GT2 belt that will move the carriage back and forth. I have a delrin part to make for it (the center piece), and the wooden stand too. I didn’t have much time tonight though, so I only got a little done.

That being said, I did find the time during a meeting to swap the stepper motor off the old carriage drive assembly and on to the new one I cut out and glued yesterday. No picture of that yet.


Taller Carriage Motor Assembly

I had a little time this evening and used it to check assembly heights. I realized that I needed to lift the carriage motor mount up about an inch for the GT2 belt to attach to it. I made a few small changes to the design as well. Here’s the new part layout:

I also drew up a template for the slingshots. Something simple that will help me locate the holes I need to drill out. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve been itching to get it drawn and cut out.

My next step in to create an idler mechanism and support assembly for the other end of the belt. I need to use the lathe to make the actual idler and a small delrin tube, and also draw up plans for the assembly to bring the idler to the right height.

Closing in on the Coiler

I’m closing in on the design for the different parts of the coiling machine. Today I worked out the left home limit switch assembly, and glued up what I hope to be the final iteration of the carriage and carriage mount assemblies.

I took the back panel off the carriage slide mount because it just wasn’t necessary, and the delrin rods wouldn’t stay glued into their slots. I moved the enamel wire slot up, to accommodate another change to the carriage: I added the pulley to the front of the carriage assembly, eliminating the need for an additional assembly and simplifying the design. I also drilled the hole for enamel wire to feed through the delrin block. Lots of tweaks and small iterative changes happened.

New Coupler, Rod Caps

Last night I had some time on the lathe and made a new 8mm-5mm coupler because my first one was just stupid big. I also made two rod caps with set screws to hold the end of the steel rod in the carriage mount. I still need two more of them, as well as two more for a smaller rod in the pulley mechanism.

You can also see where I cut a rectangle out of the carriage mount front and back, and CA-glued in 1/4″ delrin rod to protect the enamel wire as it feeds through. Next step is to figure out how I’m mounting the limit switches to control back-and-forth motion, then it’s assembly time!

Another Iteration

I have made another change to the slide carriage mount. I left out the part that actually lets the wire through. Originally the mount didn’t have a front and back, so it wasn’t a problem. Later I added them for stability, they helped a lot, but they still need a way for the magnet wire to pass through. So I cut slots out, and will put 1/4″ delrin rods at the top of the slot to protect the wire as it is pulled through. I should have a picture later today or tomorrow.

Slide Carriage Mechanism

So I glued up the parts I just cut out, and fit them to the mount templates I’ve been making so it wouldn’t glue up crooked and not fit right. Here’s a pic. I’m really fond of this design, and it looks cool with my maker mark. I may still add the OLED screen to the front. Also, still need to make the wire feeder, and the left and right limit switches.slide-carriage

Astute observers will notice a difference between yesterday’s picture of cut-out pieces and today’s pic. That’s because the part was re-re-designed and cut out again. It’s nice that prototyping is so quick with the laser…