Project FR4 Mill Complete!

Last night I finished soldering and connecting the last bits of the FR4 milling machine. I also checked for any shorts, then powered up the Arduino to see if it would light up all the drivers and confirm everything is working. Sure enough, it did!

I hope to get a real test cut done soon, but I have a lot going on tomorrow and through the weekend (my wife’s cousin Julianne’s wedding). I also have to install the control software on a laptop, so I need to dig one up.


Almost Done

The FR4 Mill is almost complete. A little more work to do with the Y-axis motor and carriage, and a few more wires to work on. Also still have to install the spindle motor assembly.IMG_20170629_182933.jpg


Last night I wrote up a page and a half document about solenoids. I wanted to write it up in a way that a parent/child team could read through it and grasp the basics of how solenoids work. I explained a little about electromagnetic fields, how flipper solenoids work, and a few safety tips. This educational write-up will hopefully be a part of the starter kit documentation when it comes out.

The Pinball Expo

Last weekend I was at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Expo in Tacoma WA at the Fast Pinball booth. It was a fun show (but so loud) and I have no voice left today at work. I realize that what I do is pretty niche stuff and not something most people are interested in, but I still got a lot of questions and comments about my custom stuff. Even my flippers, which I didn’t think much of, got some attention.

I’m excited to be working with the Fast crew, they are great, and have built a great community. My efforts here will shift somewhat as I assist them in preparing their pinball kit for launch, but stay tuned for updates. There will be new stuff coming down the pipes!


Tonight I finished up my flipper prototype by making a torsion spring. It’s not perfect, in fact it’s too strong but I only had one viable thickness (0.051″) music wire to use. I’ve ordered 0.031″ and will have it by the weekend. Which I won’t be home to receive, since this weekend is the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Expo in Tacoma. I will be taking my coiling machine and my flipper prototype, so all zero of you that read this blog should come out to see me.