The awesome guys at Fast Pinball invited me to tag along with them to Maker Day: Pinball Mechanics at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) on August 27th. I had to think about it as this is the same day as my local Think Big Festival that I have so far managed to be out of town and miss every year it’s been going.

Well, mark up another missed year. Sorry, Think Big, I’m going with Pinball this time.

Now let me get back to making some cool parts! (I’m heading down to my makerspace right now to make some new parts I designed last night on paper).

Bus Bars

As I’ve been going through the Fast Pinball hardware documentation, I’ve noticed there are a lot of ground connections all over the place. Since everything from the wall power to the multiple power supplies to the individual parts in the machine will have a common ground, I’m going to make some bus bars out of aluminum, with drilled and tapped holes that I can use to attach leads. I can distribute these to a few places inside the table to  make trips back to ground shorter where possible. I may do the same thing with the 48v power, which needs to be wired to each coil directly after the power supply’s fused output.

Etching circuit boards

I’ve had this idea for a good while now, and I’m excited about how it’s gone so far. I don’t know why I have such an issue with mechanical switches, but I’m always looking for an alternative. Anyway, I printed this mask on a copper board at lunch, and I’ll etch it later tonight when I have some spare time. It has a few problems, but will be a good proof of concept: