Closing in on the Coiler

I’m closing in on the design for the different parts of the coiling machine. Today I worked out the left home limit switch assembly, and glued up what I hope to be the final iteration of the carriage and carriage mount assemblies.

I took the back panel off the carriage slide mount because it just wasn’t necessary, and the delrin rods wouldn’t stay glued into their slots. I moved the enamel wire slot up, to accommodate another change to the carriage: I added the pulley to the front of the carriage assembly, eliminating the need for an additional assembly and simplifying the design. I also drilled the hole for enamel wire to feed through the delrin block. Lots of tweaks and small iterative changes happened.

New Coupler, Rod Caps

Last night I had some time on the lathe and made a new 8mm-5mm coupler because my first one was just stupid big. I also made two rod caps with set screws to hold the end of the steel rod in the carriage mount. I still need two more of them, as well as two more for a smaller rod in the pulley mechanism.

You can also see where I cut a rectangle out of the carriage mount front and back, and CA-glued in 1/4″ delrin rod to protect the enamel wire as it feeds through. Next step is to figure out how I’m mounting the limit switches to control back-and-forth motion, then it’s assembly time!

Another Iteration

I have made another change to the slide carriage mount. I left out the part that actually lets the wire through. Originally the mount didn’t have a front and back, so it wasn’t a problem. Later I added them for stability, they helped a lot, but they still need a way for the magnet wire to pass through. So I cut slots out, and will put 1/4″ delrin rods at the top of the slot to protect the wire as it is pulled through. I should have a picture later today or tomorrow.

Slide Carriage Mechanism

So I glued up the parts I just cut out, and fit them to the mount templates I’ve been making so it wouldn’t glue up crooked and not fit right. Here’s a pic. I’m really fond of this design, and it looks cool with my maker mark. I may still add the OLED screen to the front. Also, still need to make the wire feeder, and the left and right limit switches.slide-carriage

Astute observers will notice a difference between yesterday’s picture of cut-out pieces and today’s pic. That’s because the part was re-re-designed and cut out again. It’s nice that prototyping is so quick with the laser…

Getting Closer

Last night I cut out all the new wooden parts, and a hunk of delrin off my big (2 x 2.5 x 12″) block. I also used the lathe to make an aluminum coupler to go from the NEMA17’s 5mm shaft to my 8mm carbon steel rod. I also tried out an idea for my “maker mark” by scanning my chop in and burning its imprint with the laser. Here are some pictures.

More CAD Work

Last night I did some more CAD work, drawing up v2.0 of some of my coiler machine pieces. I think the spool motor mount is good to go, but I modified the pulley mount, the carriage mount, and the carriage motor mount files. The magnet wire spindle mount was updated too, since I have two different magnet wire spool sizes (the larger has a 5/8″ center hole and the smaller has a 1″ center hole—don’t ask me why though.

I also did some measuring and drew up the profile for the carriage, which rides over two linear bearings (these, specifically). The last part I have to design now is the wire guide that will sit on the carriage. It will be machined from delrin, probably with a small-diameter hole going through it with a countersink on one side to guide the magnet wire through.

I also still need a coupler to go between the NEMA17 motor shaft and my 8mm steel rod. The ones I found are used in 3D printers and would be great except they’re built with some cuts so they flex (to prevent binding when things aren’t perfectly aligned I guess), but the flex is a non-starter for me. As soon as I installed one I saw how bad it was going to be for my purpose. However, this part will be easy to freehand on the lathe from some aluminum rod stock I have sitting around.

Tonight I hope to cut the pieces out on the laser and glue things up, and if I have enough time to also make the coupler on the lathe.