Trough Time!

Yay, my trough came in!! Last night I had at 8pm meeting with a friend so I couldn’t work as late as I usually do, but I had enough time to put the trough together, add a diode to the solenoid, and crimp/solder a connector to the assembly. Behold!


Rust and Ripping

Tonight I worked on removing the rust from the apron, and while the rust remover worked its magic I ripped some plywood rails that will line the sides and top of the playfield. I cut a few extra parts for the next playfield iterations too. I also cut taller pieces to do the sides of my power tray. I would have cut it out too, but the scrap 1/2″ piece I had wasn’t big enough (I need 15×18″).

First round of rust remover
Border strips ripped at 1 1/16″, and some more at 2″. Plenty of extras.
Second round of rust removal, it’s mostly gone now.
Waaaay nice table saw.
Nice glue job bro. Made it easy to take off though, so I’m not complaining.

It sure is nice having access to such a great table saw! I also knocked the Staples out of the cabinet piece I had to pry off last week, so it’s good to go back on.

On Patches and Stripping

Last night I cut out that bad bit of plywood, and it was bigger than I thought. Definitely more than the leg will cover, so I sanded it, patched it, and started repainting it. I need another couple of coats because you can still see where it is, but it’s much better now. I also stripped the paint from the metal apron that covers the drain and ball trough.

The only problem now is there is some rust on the left side of the apron. I picked up some rust remover on the way to work and I’ll get that going tonight.

I also finished drawing up my power tray plans in CAD, and if the table saw is empty tonight I’ll cut my pieces out, along with the side rails for the playfield. Another coat of paint or two where I applied the patch and the cabinet will be finished, then it’s on to mounting the parts on the playfield and working on the speaker system. Hooray for progress!

How about an engine stand for a temporary pinball rotisserie?

Cabinet Painted…Oops.

Last Saturday was my anniversary, and I spent a few hours in the morning working on the cabinet. I finished sanding and had to fill that bad corner a little bit more. While the filler was drying I added connectors to the autofire device, the 3-bank drop target, and the VUK that I got recently. I did a final sanding on the cabinet and then painted the whole thing, at which point one bit decided to curl up and show me where the plywood was still bad. Grrrr. I think it’s just above where the leg covers too.


You can see where the plunger goes, there is a new cut-out. The plunger I have is shaped differently than the one this old cabinet used to have in it, so I had to cut out a bit along the bottom (the slot and hole below the main opening).

So this week I made my modest goal set last week. The new goals this week are to wrap up the cabinet work (fix bad spot, reinstall metal and glass), populate the playfield with the devices I have ready, finalize the power system, and maybe build the speaker housings. I have great momentum right now, and am feeling really good about my progress!


Sanding Done, Mostly

Last night I finished sanding paint off the cabinet, and started using wood filler to patch the dings, scratches, corners, and other suffering areas. I was able to sand the smaller patch areas down, but the corners and a few other areas needed more time to set so I called it an early night. I will finish sanding yesterday’s patches tonight, then turn the whole thing up on the other end and fill the other corners. While I’m waiting for it all to dry I’ll pull some parts off my SPACELAB playfield (the top part that directs the ball around, and the apron that covers the drain and trough) and see how they fit on my new playfield.