The Pinball Expo

Last weekend I was at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Expo in Tacoma WA at the Fast Pinball booth. It was a fun show (but so loud) and I have no voice left today at work. I realize that what I do is pretty niche stuff and not something most people are interested in, but I still got a lot of questions and comments about my custom stuff. Even my flippers, which I didn’t think much of, got some attention.

I’m excited to be working with the Fast crew, they are great, and have built a great community. My efforts here will shift somewhat as I assist them in preparing their pinball kit for launch, but stay tuned for updates. There will be new stuff coming down the pipes!

Author: homechicken

Dvorak Typist. Mandarin Speaker. Mugwump. Commander of Her Royal Majesty's 102nd Garden Gnome Regiment. Collector of Hobbies. Cat Whisperer. Maker of Things.

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