Still Working

I was in Portland last Wednesday night through the weekend, so I didn’t make any progress during that time, but Monday (May 8th) evening I worked on a couple of flipper parts. First, I turned down the heads of two M6 bolts to fit the solenoid hole. The bolt heads are just a little bit too big to fit, but the lathe made quick work of that. Both bolts now are perfect fits, and both support and align the coil on one side as well as provide a stop for the armature to hit.


I needed new armatures to fit the new, bigger coils. I cut up some of the bars I previously milled (see 30 Apr 2016 heading here) and ground them down to the length I needed, which is to allow the mouth of the armature to protrude completely even when the coil is fully engaged, so the linkage doesn’t jam.


This week I have also drawn (in CAD) my flipper design to mill out of aluminum. I also have been working on the shaft that supports the flipper as well as the link that connects to the solenoid armature and allows the whole thing to turn. That link will also be milled from aluminum, and I designed it to look kind of like a miniature flipper. One side will fit over the shaft of the flipper and an M3 bolt will screw down into the shaft, holding it in position. The other side is designed to fit over the “bone” linkage I’ve already milled, though I’ll have to either design a shorter version or cut it down. Overall, these are the last few parts I need to finalize my flipper assembly and move on to the next part!


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