A Good Day

I started out thinking I’d have to make a new driver board, then thought I’d try to hack the broken one and fix it. So I filed off a few copper traces and soldered in a hack to make it behave. The results speak for themselves. The motors are up and running! I had to reverse the directions in my code because they rotated the other way, but that was simple.

Once I had the motors (and the code running them) tested and working, I revisited by 5-8mm coupler. I don’t know what I was thinking back then but I made the 5mm side too big, and the winding mechanism had an eccentric wobble because of it. So I made a new one on the lathe. Then I put it all together and found out my spool of magnet wire was dragging on the base plate, adding a whole bunch of friction that I don’t want the motor to attempt to overcome. So I modified the CAD for the magnet wire holder to be taller, and added a locking plate underneath so I don’t have to glue it down. We’ll see how well that works. It still seems a bit loose.

I was really hoping to make a new solenoid tonight, but my progress today was stellar and I’m happy.

Oh yeah, side note. I had to re-drill and tap the set screw holes on the coupler. Some well-intentioned but slightly retarded person put a 3mm drill bit in with the 3mm tap set (we have 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5mm taps with the corresponding drills together for easy use). Since the 3mm screws have a 0.5mm pitch you’re supposed to only drill a 2.5mm hole, then use the 3mm tap to get it to the right size. So shame on me for not checking first, but that’s why the sets are separate..

Carriage limit switch test

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