Slide Carriage Mechanism

So I glued up the parts I just cut out, and fit them to the mount templates I’ve been making so it wouldn’t glue up crooked and not fit right. Here’s a pic. I’m really fond of this design, and it looks cool with my maker mark. I may still add the OLED screen to the front. Also, still need to make the wire feeder, and the left and right limit switches.slide-carriage

Astute observers will notice a difference between yesterday’s picture of cut-out pieces and today’s pic. That’s because the part was re-re-designed and cut out again. It’s nice that prototyping is so quick with the laser…

Author: homechicken

Dvorak Typist. Mandarin Speaker. Mugwump. Commander of Her Royal Majesty's 102nd Garden Gnome Regiment. Collector of Hobbies. Cat Whisperer. Maker of Things.

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