Switch Bus Bar

A couple of days ago I made a simple bus bar out of some brass bar stock to act as the common ground for a bay of switches from the control board. I drilled and tapped holes so I can screw down crimp connectors. I plan on doing the same basic thing for the 48v solenoid power and a universal ground. I also installed the switch and wired it to my board.IMG_20161112_134318.jpgIMG_20161112_154856.jpgIMG_20161112_154851.jpg

I made some standoff posts with a 1/4″ delrin rod I picked up. They’re what hold the bus bar off the wood. I’m leaning away from using the Pine64 board that I’ve had ready for a while now. Beside the odd few problems I keep seeing with it, I also need power, keyboard, mouse, and an HDMI monitor just to work on it. For the time being, I’m going to switch to using an old laptop from work.

Since I have a fresh Ubuntu installation on said laptop, I updated to the latest version of Mission Pinball Framework and have streamlined my config file to be able to test my solenoid/switch/flipper combination as soon as I finish the rest of the wiring and mount the coil.

Author: homechicken

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