Front and back

I cut out the front and back of the box last night. I also cut the playfield to its proper length. Assembly time! Also, I’m reconsidering making the corner joints miter-locked, it may end up more permanent than I plan right now. Yeah probably not. The playfield is 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood and comes in 5×5 foot (cabinet style) sheets. I had them cut it down to 20 inches wide, which gave me two 20×60 inch pieces and one 19 3/4×60 inch piece. Guess which one I’m using first? Yup, the narrower one. And while technically all I have to replace is the front and back, I probably won’t as I’ll damage the sides when I assemble the box.

Author: homechicken

Dvorak Typist. Mandarin Speaker. Mugwump. Commander of Her Royal Majesty's 102nd Garden Gnome Regiment. Collector of Hobbies. Cat Whisperer. Maker of Things.

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