The Box

So things have been busy, but moving forward. I scored some scrap 1″ plywood, pretty nice stuff but damn heavy, from a dismantled shipping crate at work. I have two of these panels and they’ll comprise my first pinball box. The panels had tongue-in-groove ends that I worked around. My design is based on a slight incline (6% or something like that). The length of the table will be 40 inches, and the width 20. The back is 4.75″ taller than the front.

Here is my layout before I started cutting. blank_slate.jpg

And here I am with this great little saw and clamp guides, making a cut.cutting.jpg

And finally, here are the sides all cut out. You can barely see where I totally screwed up.


When I build the final box, I’ll probably do a nice locking miter joint on the edges, but this iteration will probably just be butt-jointed with screws.

Author: homechicken

Dvorak Typist. Mandarin Speaker. Mugwump. Commander of Her Royal Majesty's 102nd Garden Gnome Regiment. Collector of Hobbies. Cat Whisperer. Maker of Things.

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