I made two bushings last night, one from 1.25″ aluminum rod and one from 1″ Delrin rod. The Delrin bushing will sit directly under the flipper with the flange on top of the play surface, giving it a slight lift and a smooth surface to rotate on. Under the wood, the aluminum bushing will connect to the vertical rod that turns the flipper. I have some holes to drill and tap on that part still, but I made good progress.

Here is a picture of the aluminum rod in the lathe.. I forgot to take an in-progress picture, I had just used the cutoff tool to part the bushing.

Author: homechicken

Dvorak Typist. Mandarin Speaker. Mugwump. Commander of Her Royal Majesty's 102nd Garden Gnome Regiment. Collector of Hobbies. Cat Whisperer. Maker of Things.

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